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The Funkey Munkey Market 271 Northgate Mall
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Crafters Market
Are we a License Crafters' Market?

Yes we are.  The state of Tennessee requires us to register as a Market Facilitator.

What is the difference between a Crafters' Market and a Retail Store?

The Funkey Munkey Market does not own any of the products the participating crafters bring to the store. Crafters are responsible for setting their prices.   

Sales Tax

Tennessee law requires us to collect the sales tax and submitted monthly. 


We do not charge a sales commission to the individual crafters.  There is a processing fee added at the time of sale paid by the customer. 


We do require a contract.  The terms and conditions vary throughout the year. 


The Funkey Munkey Market does not have the authority to issue refunds for individual crafters products.  The crafter must be contacted by the customer. 

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