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Chef Jannybug Dip Mixes
Chef Jannybug
Dip Mixes
Various premade Dip season packs.
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Chef Jannybug No Bake Cake and Pie Mixes
Chef Jannybug
No Bake Cake and Pie Mixes
Pre-mixed No Bake cakes and Pies
$6.00 $6.00
Chef Jannybug Spices, cookie mixes, pie mixes
Chef Jannybug
Spices, cookie mixes, pie mixes
Our sweet and savory dip mixes, bread mixes, pickle mixes, and cookie mixes are ...
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Chef Jannybug

Hello! I'm Jan Schroeder, proud owner of Chef Jannybug. In January 2021, I embarked on the journey to rebrand this business from its previous name, Udderly Delightful.

Udderly Delightful began back in 2010 when my husband and I bought our first cow. We named her Esther, symbolic of the "for such a time as this" story in the Bible (Esther 4:14). Our milk supply was abundant, to say the least! So, with a curious mind and a love for creating, I learned to make cheese and set out on a journey to teach the world my new craft! I started offering cheese making classes and selling cheese kits.

I later expanded into offering a small assortment of dip mixes that we sampled at home parties while I was making cheese. As my desire to live a healthier lifestyle increased, we grew our product line to include an array of all-natural soaps, skin care, and essential oil products. Admittedly, it was a diverse collection of offerings. For a few years, I immersed myself in this venture, as I sought to define the true essence of this company's purpose.

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